About Tillage Solutions Australia

Tillage Solutions was built out of the need for innovative equipment with old fashioned build quality

"As a farmer, I could see the economical benefits of strip tillage. I could never get a perfect job with the equipment I was using at the time. After extensive research into available equipment, I decided to design my own.

After years of using equipment and many hours spent designing and modifying to suit my needs, I could see the benefits for other farmers.

It was equipment that I was proud to put my name to because it was so well built. For the last several years, I have witnessed the benefits of this equipment with soil health, lowering inputs, while still retaining the same if not better yields. As have my customers who purchased this equipment.

After seeing the benefits in my farming system with corn, Tillage Solutions have been working to develop strip tills for different crops (sugar cane, cotton, vegetables on beds) with great success. Tillage SOlutions is evolving their strip tills constantly and, with the modular design, older equipment can be updated easily." - Ben Poggioli, Owner/Operator.
Precision Seeding Solutions is your Premier Precision Planting Dealer for the East Coast of Australia.  We are here to help increase your crop yields by increasing plant germination and improving singulation, by adding Precision Planting products to your existing or new planter.  We care about the performance of your planter.

If the sight of even germinating seeds even plant populations, no skips no doubles in field excites you then you should have a good look at the Precision Planting products available on this site. These products are designed by farmers for farmers, real people that understand how important it is to achieve the best possible result first time, every time. The Research and development that has gone into these product is second to none, these products allow you to do the following:
Prepare properly, Plant consistently, Singulate precisely and Monitor carefully , to allow you to gain the best results from your planting.
These Precision Planting products will work for you whether you are designing the planter that best suits your farming practises here in Australia or you want to fit your existing planter with the best technology on the market today.

Benefits of Tillage Solutions

Custom Built Equipment To Suit YOUR Needs

No matter what type of land, or what your soil is like, I will find a Tillage or planting solution to meet your needs.

24/7 Backup

Anywhere in Australia, Anytime of day or night. If you are having troubles with our equipment, give me a call.

Planting & Tillage in one place.

As stockists of both Tillage Equipment and Precision Seeding Solutions, your yields will never look better.