Perfection meets Production.

The Gen 3 Strip Till Unit: the most versatile and durable strip till unit on the market. The unique design allows each individual soil engagement point to move independently thereby eliminating the need for parallel linkages and complicated trip mechanisms and the resultant maintenance and durability headaches that go along with them. Built with all American Steel, the Niffty Ag Gen 3 provides a universal strip till platform for the exact placement of dry or liquid fertilizers and NH3 at the same time.


Fall Tillage

  • With the standard Wako Rip NH3 knife achieve depths of 5″ up to 9″.

Spring Tillage

  • Can be used with standard Wako Rip NH3 knife or remove and use as a shank less unit.

Side Dress

  • Easy pin up row cleaners and side dress 28% or NH3.


Swing Arm

  • Center cutter coulter design
  • Accepts up to 30″ blade diameter
  • Comes standard with 24″ notched blades
  • Steel billet center hub
  • 26,000lb load rated bearings with triple lip seals
  • No grease fittings

Row Cleaners

  • Adjustable from 20″ to 40″
  • Proprietary Independent row cleaners
  • Mid unit placement
  • Very successful Niffty Ag only row cleaner tooth design
  • Triple lip sealed bearings for years of service and no grease fittings
  • Our design lays residue aside without wind rowing


  • Standard High Lift NH3 Rip Knife
  • T-1 steel knife mount
  • Easy to adjust for desired depths
  • Dry, Liquid and Anhydrous tubes available


  • Can be configured down to 20″

Crop Systems

  • Industry leader in corn on corn
  • Corn/soybean rotation
  • Wheat stubble
  • Widely adaptable to almost any cropping system


  • Niffty Ag Gen 3 Strip Till Units are supplied standard in orange coloured powder coating
  • Other colours can be ordered as an upgrade option to suit your requirements
  • Optional Rear turkey track wheels that can be added at any time
    • Great ability to run in very wet conditions
    • In heavy clods, achieve excellent crumbling ability

For additional details or enquires, please contact Tillage Solutions