The P-38 Sugar Cane Management Tool for Raised Beds offers the most complete tillage ability for bed top production.

Ideal for any raised bed crops including Sugar Cane, Soybeans, Vegetables and more.

This tool can be used for pre-applying fertilizer, mixing residue into the soil, side dressing, stool splitting, trash incorporation and working soil to depth.


Total Bed Top Tillage

  • Till entire width of bed top
  • Rugged ¾ frame constructed for long lasting use
  • Up to 3 shanks per bed top for destroying compaction
    • drop center shank out to work around drip tape

Working Widths

  • Adjustable from 20″ to 40″

Shank Depth

  • Standard Niffty Shank with depths from 5-12″
  • Optional Heavy Duty Shank for up to 14″

Toolbar Adaptable

  • Simple clamp attach allows for:
    • Ease of mounting
    • Sliding on toolbar to match bed width

Center Blade

  • Up to 36″ center blade diameter

Independent Containment Blades

  • Aid in soil mixing and residue management.

For additional details or enquires, please contact Tillage Solutions