Multi-Use Tool

P-47 High Speed Residue Management Tool that allows the grower to fertilize and manage residue all in one pass.



  • Light weight grade 80 steel design main frame

Row Cleaners

  • Row cleaners are a 70/30 load/trailing design with 22-inch diameter blades

Top Link

  • Heavy duty top spring torque link.

Centre Blade

  • Up to 24” blade with row cleaners.
  • 30” center blade with row cleaners removed
  • Adjustable depth of center blade

Containment Berm Builders

  • Independent containment berm building arms
    • Can act as a fertilizer covering tool
    • Flip to turn unit into a giant bed top sweeping unit.

Optional Extras

  • Side mounting vertical tillage blades and hubs for added high speed tillage use.

For additional details or enquires, please contact Tillage Solutions