Tillage Solutions is a proud sub-dealer for Precision Seeding Solutions.
Precision Seeding Solutions provide the insights and support to you the farmer, so you can reach your best yield.
Select from the categories below to see a brief description of available options.

Precision Seeding Categories
    WaveVision- Seed sensors that take the dust out of the count.
    V Set- High accuracy seed disks.
    E Set- Vacuum meters for precision spacing, release and agitation.
    Keeton Seed Firmer- Precision seed placement, at the right depth.
    BullsEye- Stop seed ricochet and premature wear of seed tubes.
    CleanSweep- Dual air cyclinder for Row Cleaners.
    V Set Select- Transform your planterwith integral, dual meter design.
    SpeedTube- Plant 2x faster without sacrificing accuracy.
    YieldSense- Single claibration load yield monitor.
    FieldView- Instant HD picture of planter performance of entire 'field view'.
    FieldView Plus- See people, fields & pins on a map of your entire operation - synced, stored in the cloud, backed up, & shareable.
    SeedSense- Touch monitor that shows row by row planter performance.
    vDrive Insecticide- Electric motor-driven insecticide meter.
    vDrive- Brings single row control to your vSet meters.
    DeltaForce- Replaces springs or airbags on planters with hydraulic cylinders. Adjust weight with military precision on individual rows.
    RowFlow- Execute Varialble Rate Prescription with swath control.
    AirForce- Continuous, automatic adjustment of down force for chaning soil types to maintain proper depth.